Grooming & Spaw

Furry Face Grooming & Spaw

Spaw Day shouldn’t be a dreaded event for you or your Furr-Kid! At Furry Face, we want to make it fun and positive! Every appointment is scheduled just as your very own salon appointment would be! This means, start to finish, your Furr-Kid is receiving priority pampering and attention from the time of their appointment all the way through to completion. No long, drawn out hours of waiting or hanging out.

There are no cage dryers on the premises. There are beds for every Furr-Kid and no caging for bigger kids or kids that are cage-fearful. Sometimes, grooming isn’t a Furr-Kid’s favorite hobby. We provide encouraging Spaw training, with healthy treats and love to create a positive imprint and will work to change any existing negative ones! We’re sensitive to any health, age and behavioral issues and adjust accordingly.

We know how important products are in producing beautiful, healthy skin and coats and we use only the finest on your kids! Need help learning what to do at home to keep up that fresh-from-the-Spaw look? We give brushing lessons and advice on how to maximize the grooming in between appointments!

There are many Spaw services available including extras that involve facials, skin therapies, aroma therapies, creative cuts and color and more! All services are by appointment only.

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