Enjoy looking at pictures of Furr-Kids? From specific breeds to playing dress-up, check out the variety of four legged photos below of our store and friends of Furry Face.

Dog and Cat Boutiki

Furry Face prides itself in the fabulous variety and top quality products we offer exclusively with our Furr-Friends in mind. Dress your little one in style with an assortment of boutique outfits, seasonal costumes, an AMAZING selection of footwear, jewelry and collars for both fashion and function.

Falina's Trip to the Groomers

This is Falina's trip to the groomers. First, she gets up on the grooming table and is safely secured. Next, Falina is given a tasty teeth brushing to help keep her mouth clean and healthy. Once that's over, Falina is happy to get a pet massage! This is followed by a quick nail treatment and then it's off to the wash room. Falina is again safely secured, given a rinse, Furr-Kid shampoo and conditioner treatment, Blueberry facial scrub, final rinse and a towel dry. From there it's over to the drying table where Falina is safely secured and given a special ear cover to keep excess noise or water from hurting her ears (and looks adorable as well). Once her coat is mostly dry, a mildly scented mist is applied and then dried as well. Now Falina has a beautifully shiny and clean coat! Now it's back to the play area to wait for her Furr-Parent to come pick her up.