…a unique place where Dogs – and Cats – rule!

In 2004, Furry Face was opened to create the perfect place for Furr-Parents to get the best products, the healthiest nutrition, accurate & true information, useful tips and expert advice on anything and everything pertaining to the health, happiness, wellness and care of their Furr-Kids! Furry Face offers the finest products available in every department with competitive pricing.When it comes to services, we strive for the exceptional in Grooming & Doggie Daycare. In all we do, your Furr-Kid is our top priority at all times.

To us, there is no greater creature, nothing more important, no other focus worth our attention more than Furr-Kids!

Furry Face Furr-Kid

Furry Face is not about humans – ever.

We’re always, always about dogs and cats!

Furry Face
Full-Service Spaw
From start to finish, your Furr-Kid is receiving priority pampering and attention from their paw steps into our store.
Furry Face
We LOVE Furr-Kids
We are animal lovers and want your loved ones to be pampered and treated like the extremely special beings they are.
Furry Face
Spaw Services
Select from a Furr-Kid friendly menu of extra spaw services from Furry Face.
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"Fully stocked with healthy Fully stocked with healthy food and treats for all size pets. Very knowledgeable staff that take time to listen and guide you toward a healthy solution when having any kind of health issue with your pet. Sensed a true care and concern for my pet."‎
"Adorable outfits and accessories for adorable and sweet Wynona, our long-coat chihuahua ...did I mention...with perfect manners..? She deserves the best."
"I really like Furry Face. I have a small silver toy poodle...5 pounds. I can always find fun special things for her here. Sure they aren't cheap like Walmart or Petco, but then again I can't find the same special things there that I can here."
"The store is always clean and looking fantastic, the groomer is great at what she does and so caring for the dogs that she grooms, all of the employees are more than knowledgeable when answering any questions or making recommendations, and the range of services makes it convenient for everything to get done in one place by absolute dog lovers!!! Thank you Furry Face!"
"Furry Face truly loves their clients! I must say that I am very pleased with the overall treatment and service at Furry Face. The girls who work there have the most love for dogs that I have ever seen, and if my dog is going to be in anyone's hands, I am happy to say that it will be theirs..."